Sarah Baartman District Municipality - previously Cacadu District Municipality

Welcome to the Sarah Baartman District Municipality  - Siya namkela nonke - Welkom

The Sarah Baartman District Municipality is one of 46 district municipalities in South Africa. Covering 34% of the entire Eastern Cape Province's geographical footprint, the Sarah Baartman District is the largest of the district municipalities in the Eastern Cape and wholly surrounds Nelson Mandela Bay. The Sarah Baartman District Municipality assists 9 Local Municipalities in providing the services needed by their communities.

The Municipality is headed by Executive Mayor, Cr Khunjuzwa Eunice Kekana and Speaker, Cr Deon de Vos.

  • Executive Mayor of the Cacadu District Municipality, Cllr Kekana, congratulates the Mayor of Baviaans Local Municipality, Cllr Loock, on receiving the new fire truck.
  • Executive Mayor Kekana admiring the products at a silk museum in China.
  • Benefitting from the successful agricultural mentorship programme of the Cacadu District Municipality is Mr Lamani from the Lamani Family Trust in Ndlambe.
  • Municipal Manager, Ted Pillay, and Executive Mayor Kekana in China during a recent trade and investment focused visit.


SARAH BAARTMAN DISTRICT MUNICIPALITY : A MODEL OF CLEAN ADMINISTRATION For the last financial year 2013/2014, the Municipality has achieved another unqualified result with no non-compliance issues and no material misstatements. This equates to what is known as a “clean audit”.

Sarah Baartman District Municipality Council Meeting

Sarah Baartman District Municipality had a Council Meeting on the 15th of October.