Index uManyano Agricultural Cooperative is a huge success
Date Added: 29 July 2011

A Local Economic Development (LED) initiative located in Alexandria, part of the Ndlambe Local Municipality, is proving to be fruitful for all stakeholders involved in the initiative.

The success of uManyano Agricultural Primary Cooperative is remarkable, and would not have been possible without the support of the Ndlambe Local Municipality and the National Development Agency. The latter provided uManyano with R1.2 million earlier this year in order to purchase a much needed truck and office furniture, while the Ndlambe Local Municipality provided R600 000 in funding for the successful Cooperative.

The Cooperative, which farms chicory, consists of sixteen women from KwaNonkuqubela Township in Alexandria. Apart from producing chicory, uManyano also produces other much needed commodities like vegetables, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cabbages and carrots.

Project Leader of the Local Municipality, Thembekile Mbunge, revealed that this hard working group managed to produce 6875 tons of chicory in February this year– a feat, which according to acceptable standards, is equal to the work of commercial farmers.

“This cooperative has provided job opportunities to a number of people who were otherwise facing poverty and starvation at home,” said Mbunge.

This group, which prides itself on more than ten years of experience in chicory farming, is making good use of the 16 hectares of municipal land they lease in Brakfontein.